10 Travel Mugs to Keep Your EXPLORING On the Go!

On-the-go? We've got you covered! Check out these 10 terrific travel mugs, perfect for keeping your next expedition going no matter where you roam. Stay hydrated and stylish while you explore!12 min

10 Travel Mugs to Keep Your EXPLORING On the Go!

Exploring the world is one of life’s most⁤ rewarding and enriching experiences, ‍and it doesn’t have​ to stop when you ⁤leave your home. Whether you’re travelling ⁢the world, or just around ⁢town, having the best travel⁣ mugs can make your journey a success. This article will provide an overview of 10 great travel mugs that will help keep your exploring on the go! Packed with features that⁣ are designed to make your travels‌ more enjoyable⁣ and‌ efficient, these mugs will ensure that you remain hydrated and ready for the next⁣ adventure. ⁤Let’s take a ‌look!

1. The Road-Worthy ‌Companion: 10 Travel Mugs to Keep Your Exploring On-the-Go!

Your‍ cup of coffee ⁣and ⁢tea‍ should never⁢ be an obstacle to‌ exploring the world.⁣ Make sure to stay hydrated and caffeinated on-the-go with these 10 stylish travel mugs. Whether you’re heading off ⁢for an⁣ adventure or just need something to keep you going on ⁣a long shift, these pieces have you covered:

  • 1. Bodum Travel Press: If you’re looking for a travel mug that can do double duty as a coffee press, then‌ you ⁣can’t go wrong with the Bodum⁣ Travel Press.‌ Durable in design and coated with‌ stainless steel, it comes ⁤with a ‌silicon band to keep your⁤ hands cool and ⁣has a sippable lid. ‍

  • 2. YETI ‌Rambler: Keep your drinks hot or⁤ cold for‍ up⁤ to 24 hours with the incredibly insulated YETI Rambler. It comes in a variety of sizes and​ comes with a convenient handle. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry.

  • 3. Contigo Autoseal West Loop: ‌ You don’t have to worry about ⁣spills and messes with‌ the Autoseal West Loop. Its temperature control technology keeps your drink ⁣at​ the optimum temperature and it’s easy to clean.

  • 4. ‌ Hario ⁢V60: This lightweight travel⁤ mug ‍is designed for those who love pour-over style coffee. It’s compact and easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go brewing. ⁣

  • 5. Thermos Vacuum Insulated: The Thermos Vacuum Insulated keeps your beverage hot or ⁣cold for ‍up to 18 hours. It has a leak-proof lid and comes with⁣ a ⁤stainless steel interior for easy cleaning and durability.

  • 6. Ello Campy: If you’re looking for something unique, the Ello ⁢Campy‍ is⁣ for you. Not only is it lightweight⁢ and⁢ easy ⁤to ‌carry but it’s BPA-free and shatterproof. Plus, the unique closure has been ​designed with locking technology for security.​

  • 7. ⁢ Shark Zakka: Choose the Shark Zakka if you’re looking ‍for a stylish and sophisticated ​design. It’s‌ made with durable‍ double-walled stainless ⁢steel, has ‌a drip-free ⁢lid and will keep ‍your ‍drinks hot for 12 hours and cold‌ for 24 hours.

  • 8. Hydro Flask⁢ Travel Coffee Mug: ⁢ This double-wall⁣ insulated mug is designed to keep​ your beverages ⁤hot or cold for up to ⁢6​ hours. ⁣It has a convenient handle and the mug itself is made with 18/8 food-grade stainless ⁣steel ‌and Pro-Grade insulation.

  • 9. Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated: The Klean Kanteen ​Wide Insulated has ​an ‌impressive 24-hour ‌temperature⁣ lock and is ⁤designed ‍to fit both wide-mouth and standard lids. It’s also lightweight, durable and comes in⁤ a variety of‌ colors.

  • 10. Flaska: This travel ​mug is ​lightweight and easy to clean, but also comes with a unique design: it’s made⁤ with a combination of stainless steel and bamboo, with a cork‍ spout for a unique touch. The stainless steel lining ensures your beverage ⁣stays the perfect ‌temperature.

No matter your needs, you’re sure to find a perfect travel mug to fuel ​your adventures. Choose one ⁢of these pieces to keep your ⁣exploring on-the-go.

2. Style Without‌ Sacrificing Functionality

When it comes to travel ⁢mugs, style and‍ functionality can go hand in hand. ‍Here are a few of the products that have combined ​both⁢ into one:

  • The‍ Hydro Flask Travel Mug is a sleek and stylish choice that is​ made from double-wall vacuum⁤ insulated stainless steel.⁢
  • If you’re⁢ looking for something modern, consider the Thermos Premium Travel Mug. It‌ has a sleek design with⁢ a stainless steel interior and exterior that ensures⁣ your drinks stay hot or cold.
  • The Contigo Pinnacle Travel Mug combines style ⁣and functionality with its stainless​ steel vacuum-insulated bottle.

If ⁣you’re looking for something with a bit of fun and color, you ‍can’t go⁣ wrong with the Tumbler Suck UK⁢ Rainbow‍ Vacuum Flask. It’s a colorful but ⁢sturdy tumbler with a leak-proof ⁣lid and a​ beautiful design.

  • Wacaco Minipresso GR is ⁣a great option for those who ‌don’t want ⁢a bulky travel mug. It’s a pocket-splurge-sized ‌espresso coffee maker,⁢ perfect for making delicious coffee​ wherever you go.
  • Beauty and brains come‍ together with⁢ the Moova ‌Espresso and Coffee Maker. It is made with stainless steel and has an integrated milk frother, so you can make delicious drinks ​anywhere. ⁣

These travel mugs will​ give you the best of both world – ‌stylish and functional!

3. Durable and‌ Insulated to Stand Up⁣ to ‍Anything

When your travel ⁤mug ‌needs to really​ stand up to ⁢your on-the-go lifestyle, you need something durable and insulated.

  • CorkCicle ⁣Canteen – This stainless steel mug is the⁤ real deal, ⁤keeping your drink hot ⁣for up to 12 hours and cold for up ⁢to 25. The triple insulation technology provides the perfect companion for your longest journeys.
  • Thermos – Keep your favourite beverage toasty warm thanks to the 18/8 stainless steel interior and vacuum insulation. This mug is also sweat-proof, meaning you never have to worry ‍about unexpected​ puddles.

The ever-reliable Yeti Rambler is made of ⁤kitchen-grade stainless steel and fits 16 or 20 ounces of your favourite refreshment. Its ⁢double-wall vacuum insulation keeps hot for four‍ hours and cold ⁣for more than eight.

If ⁣you are looking⁢ for something a little different, the⁤ Stanley Adventure Mug has a unique design. This hexagon-shaped mug is made from⁣ stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. It features ‌an insulation-lock lid to ensure your drinks always stay hot (or cold). Plus, the flip lid fits snugly on either side of the mug, so you can carry it in either hand!

4. The Best Mug ‌for Every Traveler

Every traveler needs a great mug for their travels! Here ⁣we​ break down the top⁣ four ⁣best mugs ⁣for different⁣ types of travellers⁢ and their needs:

  • The Eco-Conscious Traveller: The Almanac Steel Reusable Tumbler⁤ is the perfect choice. Not only is is made from sustainable, recyclable materials, it is also insulated and leak-proof. Plus it’s easy to clean‌ and store away in a bag for any ‌trips you have planned!
  • The Adventurer: The⁤ Gold ⁢Armour 30oz Double Wall Vacuum Tumbler is perfect for those looking for a little ‍extra⁤ protection⁢ on⁤ their journey. This durable stainless ⁤steel, double⁤ wall⁣ tumbler is​ designed to keep drinks‍ cold for up​ to ⁤24 hours or hot for up to 12​ hours. It ⁢also has a clear lid, perfect for taking photos or admiring your beverage.
  • The ⁤Caffeine Fiend: The Contigo Autoseal West Loop ⁣Travel Tumbler ⁢is ⁢perfect for anyone who needs a lot of caffeine to kickstart their day. This mug ​is ⁢designed for a fast paced on-the-go lifestyle, and it⁣ allows for one-handed drinking with its ‍Autoseal lid. It ​also has a built-in lock, so you don’t have to worry about any ‌spills⁣ or leaks.
  • The Smart Traveller: The Sendestar Travel Tumbler is the perfect choice for the tech-savvy traveller. It comes with a USB port that can charge your phone ‍as you travel. ‌The mug is‍ also ​designed⁣ with double insulation‌ to ‍keep drinks ​extra hot or⁤ cold, and it’s designed to fit ⁢⁣ into car and airplane ⁤cupholders. ‍It’s the perfect solution for those craving convenience.

5. For the Commuter

Commuters will want something that keeps their drink warmer ‌longer than traditional coffee mugs, so one of the following travel mugs⁤ may‍ just be the ideal choice:

  • Thermos Stainless King – Perfect ‍for transportation⁣ as⁢ it is made with ⁢a double wall of stainless steel insulation with ​hot beverages staying warm for up⁣ to 24 hours.
  • Zojirushi Travel ‍Mug ‍– Combines a‍ sleek design made from‍ stainless steel with a secure lock lid, keeping heat⁤ and cold temperatures for hours.
  • Contigo Byron Autoseal – The Autoseal technology creates an airtight and leak-proof seal so ‍that pleople can⁣ confidently transport⁢ their beverage in⁣ their bag.

Drinks will remain cold up to 20 hours ⁢with the double wall construction, and this mug never spills a ⁢single drop. Additionally, it has a heat sensitive grip⁤ that cools as the drink inside cools, so commuters can keep track of‍ their drink’s temperature.

  • Geysa Thermo Mug ⁣– Made to keep drinks at aholy⁣ temperature for up ⁢to 6 hours ⁣with ⁣its airtight, stainless steel lid.
  • Yeti‌ Rambler Mug –‌ This mug is made​ from ‌stainless steel and uses double wall vacuum insulation​ technology to keep drinks⁣ hot for up to 6 hours,⁤ and cold for⁣ up to 24​ hours.

For commuters,‍ investing in a ⁢good travel mug is⁢ a must to make life a little easier and more enjoyable when on the ⁤go. All these travel mugs will make travelling a breeze, while keeping ⁢drinks the perfect temperature.

6. For the ‍Trekker

Exploring the outdoors can give you an amazing sense of ⁢freedom, but‍ with that comes an ever-looming obstacle: the harshness of nature. Whether ‌it’s an arctic-level chill or the ​blazing sun, ⁣a sturdy and reliable travel ⁣mug can ⁤give you the confidence to continue ⁣any outdoor expedition.

We’ve listed ​our top ten travel mugs ⁣that will make sure your ⁤explorations ​stay ​on track, ‍any time of year:

  • Yeti Rambler: The stainless steel Yeti Rambler is your ultimate‌ travel companion that ⁣keeps your drinks just the way you like it: hot or cold! With an unparalleled durability, it⁢ can ⁤take on a beating​ while keeping your beverage of choice at the optimal temperature.
  • Thermos Vacuum Insulated: An absolute classic,‌ the Thermos comes with double-walled stainless steel that protects your drink from outside temperatures. Its sleek, ⁤modern design brings both style and practicality while keeping your⁤ drinks ⁣just like you put them in.
  • Grizzly Hammer Handle: For cold-weather explorers,⁢ this Hammer Handle is perfect ‌for long treks in extreme winter temperatures. Its durable 18/8 stainless steel construction and ⁣double-wall insulation ‌ensure your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa stay just as you like it.
  • Hydro Flask Growler: A ​must-have for beer-lovers or homebrewers,‌ the Hydro Flask ‍Growler is designed specifically⁤ to store carbonated liquids fresh. ​This travel mug ⁢is all about all-day freshness, ⁣while also keeping your drinks cold when out and about.
  • Klean Kanteen Classic: An old favorite, the‌ Klean Kanteen Classic is 100% stainless​ steel and 100% rad. It boasts 18/8 food-grade ‌stainless steel ‍construction, along with ⁢a sweat-free design that⁤ keeps your drinks just the way you like⁤ it.

No matter where​ you are, ​adventure awaits! Keeping your explorations on⁢ the go is easy with the help of these travel mugs, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of refreshment again. So explore, trek, and do it safely with one of these travel‍ mugs in tow!

7. For the Wake-and-Baker

For the bold adventurers and intrepid⁢ explorers, travel mugs are an absolute necessity. Whether it’s to bring coffee and tea to a sunrise ⁢overlook or a smoothie before⁤ a morning hike, ​keep your explorations going with the perfect ⁤mug! Here are seven ⁣excellent picks​ for the wanderer ‌searching for their perfect travel mug.

  • Hydro Flask: ⁣This stainless ​steel insulated mug keeps⁢ beverages hot or cold for hours. Its​ wide mouth allows for easy sipping​ or carrying ice cubes, and the powder-coat exterior finish allows for a comfortable, no-slip ‌grip.
  • Swig Savvy Insulated Mug: Swig ‍Savvy’s double wall construction with vacuum insulation⁤ helps keep drinks cold for up to​ 24 hours and hot for up to 8 hours.⁤ The mug​ also features a BPA-free screw top lid, which makes it leak and spill-proof.
  • CamelBak Forge Divider Mug: If you’re looking ⁤for innovation, look no further. This travel mug features two interior compartments for carrying personal organizing items or keeping hot ‍and cold drinks separate. It also has intelligent temperature control, allowing hot drinks to stay ⁢hot for up‍ to six hours.
  • Klean Kanteen Jacket Tumbler: Another stainless steel insulated option, the Klean Kanteen has an insulated​ Flex Sip lid and can keep drinks hot or cold ⁤for up to 20 hours.‌ It features a wide opening for easy pouring‌ and filling, plus⁢ a drop-down handle with ⁣a comfortable grip.
  • Corkcicle Air Insulated Mug: With a stainless steel, double-wall construction and vacuum-sealed ⁤insulation, the Corkcicle Air keeps drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up ⁤to 12 hours. It also has a sweat-proof outer coating that won’t ⁣leave any ​watery‌ puddles ​behind.
  • Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug: This ⁢travel mug has an ergonomic shape ⁤that‍ fits comfortably in your hand, plus a button-activated autoseal lid for⁣ one-touch​ drinking. Plus,⁢ it has a thermalock vacuum insulation that can keep drinks hot for ⁣up to five hours and cold for up to 12 hours.
  • Stanley Classic Adventure ⁣Vacuum Mug: ⁢ This BPA-free travel mug⁢ has 18/8 ⁢stainless steel construction and double-wall insulation to keep drinks hot for up to 4 hours and cold for up to⁤ 9. The mug has a wide opening, plus a⁣ leak-proof flip-top lid ​and ‍a shatter-proof exterior.

8. ‍For the Serenity Seeker

The Serenity⁣ Seeker needs a perfect cup to bring a calm and⁣ peaceful aura with them during travel. Luckily, these travel mugs are the perfect find for anyone needing some Zen!

  • Yoga ⁤Inspired Travel Mug:⁣ This mug not‌ only brings you something to put your ⁣favorite brew⁣ in,‍ but it also ⁣features a description of the different yoga poses.
  • Lotus Leaf Mug: In a calm blue, ⁢this is a functional and stylish mug to ‍bring your beverage in style.
  • Buddhist Mandala Mug: This‍ mug⁣ features⁤ a black and white mandala design, adding a touch‌ of meditation ⁢to your daily routine.

If the Serenity⁤ Seeker prefers a more natural look,⁣ there are several plant-inspired options ‌to choose from. The Olive ⁣Leaf Serenity Mug has a peaceful pattern of olive branches against a white ⁢mug. The Wooden Mug provides a sturdier option, while the Aquamarine Mug features a sea green that is symbolic of living a tranquil life.

For those​ who like to bring a bit of peace ‍with them ⁣on the go, each ⁣of these mugs will keep your hot/cold beverages​ secure and⁤ your Zen vibes ⁤boosting!

9. For the Business Professional

When life on the road is a⁣ daily⁣ reality for business professionals,‍ your travel cup should make a lasting impression. The following travel mugs ‍will keep you inspired ‍and motivated to keep exploring – while keeping you caffeinated on the go.

  • TheSPEC cup – bottle⁢ and‌ lid all in one with ​air-tight⁤ seals to keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.
  • The DOUBLE UP Coffee⁤ Tumbler ⁣- stylish design with 18/8 stainless steel and vacuum insulation to keep for up to 6 hours.
  • 35oz.⁢ Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid ​-lightweight, large​ 35oz. capacity,⁤ and the best part – leak-proof design.
  • The Leightweight, Insulated Mug – comes with a double wall stainless steel construction, designed with an integrated​ handle.
  • The ‍Resilient Travel Mug -designed⁢ with a spill-proof⁤ cap and a splash-proof ‌lid that is leak-resistant and convenient for those on the go.
  • The Contigo Autoseal⁢ West Loop – made of stainless steel for maximum temperature retention and is perfectly intelligent with‍ an AutoSeal lid ⁣that provides ⁣easy one-handed ⁤drinking.
  • The ⁤OXO⁣ Good Grips – includes a​ silicone body with ⁣a twist-off bottom that creates an air-tight seal and opens further for easy⁣ cleaning.
  • The Hydro⁢ Flask – for ⁢those adventure-ready explorers, the ⁢Hydro Flask is ⁤designed with⁣ TempShield vacuum insulation that keeps the coffee or tea hot or cold for up to ‍12 hours.
  • The Simple Modern Tumbler – features a ‍sleek design and ⁣vacuum insulation​ and‌ can keep beverages hot​ for up‍ to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Take a sip of fresh air with‌ one of these travel mugs and dig deeper into the ecstasy of your discovery.

10. For the Trek Gypsy

The Trek Gypsy ⁢travel mug is a classic in the industry. Its ​stainless steel exterior with double-wall vacuum construction⁣ is‌ designed to ‍keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold all day long. The bold, embossed logo and bright green color ​further​ add to its playful design. The leak proof cap features​ a stopper to keep‍ flavorful liquids from spilling, and the travel mug portion⁣ is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


  • Keeps liquid hot or cold for up to 12 hours
  • Leak⁣ proof cap and stopper
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Unique and fun design


  • Not microwave safe
  • No insulation in lid
  • Heavy to carry

Overall, the Trek Gypsy is the ‍perfect companion for those looking for an affordable,‌ stylish travel mug with durable construction. With its one-handed operation, your ⁢favorite beverages will always be close at hand while you’re out‌ and ‍about. Perfect for any ‍serious traveler, the ​Trek Gypsy will⁢ have you keeping your EXPLORING on the go in no⁣ time.

11. For the Adventurous Family

There’s nothing ⁤quite like exploring nature with the family, so it’s essential to stay hydrated while on the go. Whether you’re trekking ⁤through mountains, ⁤hiking on trails, or‍ simply walking nature paths, ⁣these travel mugs ⁣will keep you refreshed even on the longest outdoor explorations. ​Here are 11 funds and ‌stylish travel mugs to⁤ keep your adventures on the go:

  • Gleaming Copper Mug from Copper Camel: Crafted with‍ a ‌corrosion-resistant copper that gleams with‍ a golden⁢ shine, this mug is sure to⁤ boost your exploration experience.
  • Insulated Tumbler from Cante Accents: A brilliant combination of style⁢ and functionality, this double-walled insulated mug will ensure ‌your cold or hot drink stays ⁣the‌ same temperature for hours.
  • Hammered⁣ Bamboo Mug from Elan: Featuring a delicate, ‌yet bold hammered design, this BPA-free mug will make⁣ your walks ⁣in⁤ nature look even more picturesque.
  • Leather Strap Mug from Luxcent Ceramics: Create an elegant outdoor experience with this double-walled ceramic mug that was crafted with a beautiful leather strap.
  • Metal Mug from Blith.: Keep your hands comfortable while trekking through​ tough terrain with this metal mug that ⁤was designed with your⁤ comfort in mind.
  • Thermal Vacuum ⁣Tumbler⁤ from Surly: You won’t have to worry about your drinks going cold quickly with this stainless⁤ steel tumbler that boasts superior thermal retention.
  • Kase Flask from Hydro Flask: Perfect for preventing spills, the double-wall vacuum insulation ensures you‌ don’t leave ‌spilled liquid behind.
  • Holographic Insulated ⁢Flask ‍from Malvie: With its beautiful and⁢ eye-catching iridescent ⁤finish, you can stay hydrated while adding ‍a touch of charm to your outdoor explorations.
  • BearGo Tumbler from Yogurtys: Perfect‌ for both‌ hot ⁢and ⁢cold beverages, the⁤ stainless steel construction ensures you can ⁢enjoy your favorite ‌drinks for hours.
  • Travel Kettle from ⁤Primula: It’s easy to make hot drinks on the go with this‍ innovative travel kettle. Simply plug it in to a power source and you’ll have hot drinks wherever you may be.
  • Ceramic Tumbler⁢ from Haobo: With its beautifully ⁣alpine design, this ceramic⁤ tumbler is perfect for ⁣bringing an extra bit of nature with you on your adventures.

12. Wrap-Up: Invest in the Right ​Mug and Keep Exploring!

When it comes to finding the perfect travel mug for your next coffee-fueled adventure, you have a range of options. You could go for​ a stainless steel mug, or even one with double-wall insulation to keep your‍ coffee hot. Glass mugs‍ are ⁣another great choice for⁣ keeping your drink hot, and plenty of ⁤stylish designs can help make ‌sure that your mug matches your‍ unique style.

  • Café du Monde’s bestsellers: These mugs are as charming as they are functional. Choose from⁢ whimsical designs like butterflies and wildflowers or more classic⁢ geometric patterns.
  • GSI Outdoors: For the outdoor adventures, GSI ⁣Outdoors has handsomely ⁤crafted ⁢mugs with multiple layers of insulation to keep your hot brew hot.
  • Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop: This unique ⁢mug allows you to drink one-handed, so you can multitask ‍while driving, camping, or backpacking without spilling a drop.
  • Epicureanist’s ⁢Porcelain Mug: This ‌sleek mug with a striking geometric design adds a touch of ⁤modern elegance to your ⁢adventure.

Whatever ‌type of mug you choose, remember that‍ investing in the⁢ right ‌one is an ​essential part of any adventure. A good travel mug should last you many trips and will not only keep you⁢ well-caffeinated, but ‌also inspired for your future⁤ travels. Now that you’ve chosen your favorite mug, why not continue planning or even start booking your⁤ next adventure? Get out there and continue to‍ explore!


Q: What types of travel mugs are available?

A: There are a variety of⁢ travel mugs available on the market, from collapsible silicone mugs to stainless steel, double-walled tumblers. ⁣The ⁢type of travel mug best ⁤for you⁤ will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Q: What are the benefits of ‌using a travel ‌mug?

A: ⁣Using a travel mug is⁣ an excellent way to reduce wasted disposable cups when you’re out and ‍about. Many travel mugs also keep your beverage hot ⁣or cold for extended⁤ periods​ of time, so you can enjoy your favorite drinks while on ​the go. Additionally,​ many travel mugs are‌ stylish ‍and ‌make‌ for a great accessory.

Q: What should I look for⁤ in a good travel mug?

A: ⁤When shopping ⁣for the​ perfect travel mug, consider factors such‌ as durability, the material type, and the insulation quality. Additionally, ‍look at features such as a spill-proof ‌lid, a wide opening, and an easy-to-grip⁣ handle. Lastly, ⁤if you plan to bring⁢ the travel mug with⁢ you on your travels, consider ‌the item’s weight and size.


If⁤ you’ve been searching‍ for a travel mug that will keep your drinks hot and cold ⁣and will do it all while ‍you’re ‌adventuring,⁢ then one ⁣of the 10⁣ mugs⁢ mentioned in this ⁣article is‌ perfect for you. No ‌matter‍ your choice, you’ll ​be able to keep your⁣ coffee ⁤warm, your ice-cold drinks cool, and take your ⁣explorations to the next level. While there are⁤ countless options available when it comes ⁢to travel mugs,⁤ these are some of the best that money can buy. Happy ⁤traveling!

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