How To Transform Your Room In Just One Day With Wallpaper – Guide and Cost

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Have you ever wanted to transform the look of your room but don’t have enough time or money to do a complete renovation? Wallpaper is the perfect solution! Wallpaper can significantly impact your room, adding color and texture to walls while creating an eye-catching focal point. It can also be quite affordable and easy to install. This blog post will explore how you can transform your room in just one day, including the cost of wallpaper and labor. Read on for some great ideas and tips to help you get started!

What is Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is a thin material placed on walls and other surfaces for decoration. It is usually made of paper or fabric and can be printed with a design or pattern. Wallpaper is available in many colors, styles, and designs and can create various looks in a room.

Wallpaper can add color and pattern to a room, creating an illusion of more space. It can also cover up flaws or imperfections in the wall surface. Wallpaper is relatively easy to install and can be removed when you want to change the look of your room.

The cost of wallpaper depends on the type of wallpaper you choose and the size of your room. Depending on these factors, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100 per wallpaper roll.

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Different Types of Wallpaper

There are many different types of wallpaper on the market these days. You can find everything from traditional paper to vinyl and even temporary options. The type you choose will largely depend on your budget and the look you are going for in your room.

Traditional wallpaper is made of paper and is pasted to the wall. It is the most common type of wallpaper and is generally less expensive than other options.

Vinyl wallpaper is a synthetic option that is more durable than traditional paper. It is often used in high-moisture areas like bathrooms or kitchens.

Temporary wallpaper is an excellent option if you want to change your look frequently or don’t want to commit to a long-term change. It can be easily removed without damaging walls or leaving behind any residue.

How to Choose a Wallpaper for Your Room

When it comes to choosing wallpaper for your room, there are a few things you need to take into account. What is the overall style of your room? Is it contemporary, traditional, or something in between? What is the color scheme of your room? Do you want your wallpaper to match or contrast with your existing decor? Once you have a good idea of the look you’re going for, you can start shopping around.

There are a few different types of wallpaper to choose from. The most popular type is vinyl-coated paper, durable and easy to clean. If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, grasscloth wallpaper is made from natural materials like bamboo and hemp. Reading the manufacturer’s instructions before installation is essential, as grasscloths can be tricky to work with.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to start shopping! There are many places to find wallpaper online and in physical stores. Start by browsing through some of your favorite design websites and magazines to get an idea of what’s available. When you see a style or design you like, note down the manufacturer’s name so you can easily find it when you’re ready to buy.

Wallpaper can be an easy and inexpensive way to transform your room. With so many options available, there’s sure to be something perfect for your space. Follow these tips, and you’ll find the perfect wallpaper for your room in no time!

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What is the Cost of Wallpaper

If you want to transform your room quickly and easily, wallpaper is the way. Wallpaper can completely change the look and feel of a room, and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other home decorating options. The average cost of wallpaper is around $30 per roll, but prices can vary depending on the type and quality of wallpaper you choose.

Installing wallpaper is a relatively simple process, but taking your time and doing it right is essential. Before getting started, make sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies and avoid bubbles or creases in the paper. Once you’ve hung the wallpaper, stand back and enjoy your handiwork!

How to Hang Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to transform your room in just one day. It’s a relatively inexpensive and easy way to add color and pattern to your walls. Here’s a step-by-step guide to hanging wallpaper:

1. Choose your wallpaper. Pick a design that you love that will complement your room’s décor.

2. Measure your walls. You’ll need to know your walls’ dimensions before purchasing the right amount of wallpaper.

3. Prep your walls. Make sure your walls are clean and smooth before you start applying wallpaper. This will help ensure a professional-looking finish.

4. Hang the wallpaper. Start at the top of the wall and work your way down, using a level to ensure each strip is straight. Use a sharp knife to trim any excess paper at the bottom of the wall.

5. Smooth out the wallpaper. Use a smoothing tool to press the wallpaper down and remove any bubbles or wrinkles.

6. Apply wallpaper adhesive. Spread a thin layer of glue over the back of each strip of wallpaper to help it stay in place.

7. Trim off the excess paper at the seams. Use a sharp knife to trim off any extra piece sticking out at the seams where two strips of wallpaper meet.

8. Clean up your work area. Make sure you clean up any paste or adhesive from your walls and floors before you finish hanging your wallpaper.


Transforming your room within just one day with wallpaper is a great way to give your home an entirely new look without breaking the bank. With our guide and cost breakdown, you now have all the necessary information to begin planning your wallpaper project and making it come to life. Have fun experimenting with different colors, patterns, and styles until you find the perfect fit for your space – don’t forget to share pictures of your finished work with us!

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