Get a Load of this Huge Kangal Dog!

This massive kangal dog has us in awe! With a shoulder height of over 2ft, and weighing up to 145lbs, it's the biggest breed of guard dog on the planet! Its size alone commands respect, but don't let those giant paws fool you, it's a gentle giant at heart.3 min

Kangal Dog

Howdy, everybody! If you’re an animal lover, you’ve just met your new best friend. I want to introduce you to the biggest, baddest, most lovable dog on the planet – the Kangal Dog! Get ready to be amazed by this four-legged giant and all its awesomeness.

1. A Mammoth of a Dog – Introducing the Huge Kangal Dog!

Kangal dogs are some of the largest and most powerful dog breeds out there. The word ‘mammoth’ comes to mind when you take a look at these behemoths that can weigh up to 145 pounds!

Kangals are believed to be named after the Kangal district of Sivas Province in central Turkey where they were first bred for herding sheep and protecting them against predators.

They can be the best pals ever and can be really friendly and protective when it comes to family and territory. Here are their amazing features:

  • Size – They are around 32 inches tall and weigh up to 145 pounds!
  • Appearance – They have a solid chest and a well-muscled body.
  • Character – They are intelligent, loyal, and territorial.
  • Coat – Soft inner coat covered in longer outer guard hairs.
  • Colors – Usually pale yellow to light grayish brown.

Kangal dogs make one of the most majestic sights you could behold. Why not adopt one for a faithful, loving, and protective companion?

2. Why This Dog is So Special

This pup is certainly one of a kind. It’s unique traits and character has gained it quite a loyal following.

Here are just a few reasons why it’s such a special pup!

  • Generous Personality – This pup is kind and loving. Whenever you come home, it will happily welcome you with excited yips and kisses. It will also never forget to give its owners a little bit of extra love.
  • Stubborn Behavior – While this pup can be incredibly loving, it can also be a bit of a handful. It is particularly known for its stubborn behavior. But, this only adds to its charm.
  • Go-Getter Attitude – Whether it’s playing fetch or spending time with its owners, this pup is always the first one up and ready for an adventure.

All of these traits come together to create an unforgettable pup. Its personality and spirit are just as lively as it is lovable. It will certainly give you years full of memories and joy.

Kangal Dog
Royal Canin

3. From Anatolia to Everywhere: The Unique History of the Kangal

The Kangal is a special breed hailing from the Anatolian grand with an incredibly unique history. Much unlike other breeds, the Kangal’s origins can be traced all the way back to ancient Cappadocia.

It’s believed that the Kangal was mainly used as a protector of livestock from predators, such as wolves and bears. As they spread, they still kept their protective qualities, making them a vital component of many shepherd’s operations across the region.

The Kangal is heralded as a national treasure in their home country as they have become increasingly popular. Consequently, the popularity of the Kangal has extended far beyond the Anatolian plains. They have been adopted by many farmers and families, in the Middle East, United States, and Europe.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the breed is their size — they can reach heights of up to 90 centimeters! This manageable size along with their incredible loyalty makes them a great companion, while still being a dependable guardian.

  • Origins in Ancient Cappadocia
  • Originally used as Livestock Protector
  • Popular National Treasure in Home Country
  • Adopted by Farmers, Families, and More
  • Can Reach Heights of up to 90 Centimeters

4. The Majestic Kangal: Care and Training

Kangals are one of the most majestic and ancient dog breeds in Turkey! They are huge, strong, and intelligent dogs, famous for their loyalty and protectiveness.

To make sure that your Kangal is well taken care of, there are a few things you need to know:

Feeding and Grooming: Kangals are large dogs that need a lot of exercise and food. A proper diet is paramount to their health and longevity. They need access to both high-quality dry food and raw proteins such as red meat and fish.

Bathing them should be done sparingly, as they have a thick coat that can easily remove dirt and repel water naturally.

Training: Kangals are highly intelligent and respond best to positive reinforcement when being trained. Treats, verbal affirmation, and playtime are all good ways to reward them. They need time and patience when being put through obedience training, but they are also quite fast learners.

It’s also important to socialize your Kangal early on, so they can become comfortable and confident with both people and other animals.

Keeping them safely contained:

  • Make sure your Kangal is used to being on a leash, as they have a tendency to wander.
  • Install a high fence around your property, so your Kangal won’t be able to escape.
  • Ensure that your Kangal is microchipped so that it returns home safely if it ever gets lost.

Kangals are quite powerful and they can easily break out of an inadequately fenced area, so taking the time to find the right one will be worth it in the end. While they may look intimidating, with proper care and training Kangals can be wonderful companions and family protectors!

Kangal Dog
Daily Sabah


If you’re a fan of super huge dogs with a heart of gold, you can’t go wrong with the Kangal Dog! One look at this magnificent breed, and you’ll be sold!

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