Pet Owners Guide: Essential Things to Get Before Buying a Pet!

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Most households today have pets, whether dogs, cats, hamsters, lizards, and so on! Simply because there are so many reasons to get one, reasons you can’t resist! Like how it helps reduce anxiety and stress and eases loneliness just by simply taking care of little bundles of joy!

But most beginner pet owners, most often than not, don’t realize the responsibility that comes with having a pet. A pet is a living, breathing animal with needs, just like humans. They need shelter, food, water, exercise, and so much more.

So if you’re planning to get a pet, consider knowing what to expect and prepare to give you and your pet a great experience throughout your pet’s life. To help you out, below are essential things you need before getting a pet!

1. Know What Habitat They Live in

Before getting your desired pet, know what habitat they live in. For instance, if you get a hamster, they need ground they can burrow in, an enclosure, and their area has to be dry and quiet. These are just their basic needs to live comfortably.

Depending on the type of pet you’re going to get, make sure to know what they need to live in a comfortable, “liveable” environment. Once you find that out, you can now prepare your new pet’s home before they arrive!

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2. Know What Kind of Food and Water They Need

Once a habitat is ready, you can move to the next step! Knowing what food and water they need. Depending on what pet you get, these may vary. So before getting a pet, do your research and know what kind of food is best for them.

Consider buying only less than a kilo of food for dogs and cats. This is to test out if they like the food and if it doesn’t have any harmful effects on them. You can also do research on the best kibbles for your pet type.

Some kinds of water might not sit well with your pet’s tummy. Consider knowing what kind of water is best for them to prevent them from getting upset stomachs and even getting sick.
Once all that is sorted out, get them their eating bowls and water dispensers. Depending on your pet, it may vary.

3. Get Them Coverage

This is something that’s slowly getting recognized by tons of pet owners today. Some states even require this; that’s how essential it is. Getting your pet’s coverage is now more accessible since it’s a normal occurrence today. Many insurance providers already have plans and policies to ensure your pet’s safety.

Pet insurance will cover various things like medication, vet check-ups, surgeries, tests or diagnoses, emergency care, exam fees, and so much more. But depending on the provider, the scope of coverage may vary.
But if you’re new to insurance and have little to no knowledge about it, consider working with an insurance broker. An insurance broker is a trained professional specializing in insurance and risk, so they’ll be able to help you efficiently with coverage.

Plus, insurance brokers work for you, not providers, so you’re ensured that they work for your benefit. And you may never know what can happen since each day is unpredictable. So give your pet the best care you can by getting them the coverage they need.

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4. Get Them Contaminants

Contaminants are basically leashes, cages, fences, and anything to keep your pet contained. This is essential, especially for small pets or when traveling with your pets. This is also vital, so your pets do get lost when they get loose.

5. Keep Them Happy!

Last but not least are items to keep your pet happy, active, and healthy. Pets, just like humans, get bored too. So before getting a pet, make sure to have items that can spark joy once they arrive in their new homes!

Items you can get are toys and treats; this may vary depending on the pet you’re getting. For instance, if you’re getting a hamster, consider getting them running wheels, a hamster ball, a climbing rope, a maze, and so on.
You can get dogs’ chewy toys, stuffed animals, rope toys, balls, treats, and so on. For cats, you can get them cat trees, scratch posts, toy rats, lasers, and so much more! Remember, a happy pet is a healthy pet!

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