Most Popular Indian YouTube Videos

From classic comedy sketches to catchy tracks, India's top-viewed YouTube videos give an insight into the country's popular culture. From film stars to independent creatives, these 10 videos give us a glimpse into what made India laugh and dance this year.11 min

Popular Indian YouTube Videos

Are you looking for the ⁣best Indian videos on YouTube? ​We​ have got⁢ you covered! Here is ⁣a list of⁤​ Indian ‌YouTube videos that have ⁤taken ​the internet by storm! From⁤ original content to funny‌ videos, we⁣ have rounded up the ‍top ‍10 most watched, liked, and shared videos from the country.‌ So get ready‌ to laugh, sing, and ⁤dance along with these amazing ⁤videos that⁣ millions of people across ‌the ‍world have enjoyed.

1. Semmozhiyaana Thamizh Mozhiyaam

This song from the⁢ Tamil film​ Enthiran, featuring Rajnikanth, went on to become an anthem for‌ the planned celebration of the Tamil language in the year‌ 2010. It ⁣has ⁣over 47 million views on‌ YouTube ⁣with Prajin Jani’s music⁢ composition and dynamic choreography makes it really exciting to watch.‍

2. Why this Kolaveri Di

The music of this Tamil song from ​movie 3⁣ has become a global sensation. Composed by Anirudh‍ Ravichander and ​sung by Dhanush, this song‌ reached ​20 million views within a month. Besides the ⁣unique ⁤music and words used, it’s the way it was packaged on⁢ YouTube⁣ with videos for each verse of the song that made it so popular. ⁣

3.⁣ Kolaveri⁣ Di in China

This video is ​the one⁣ that took​ Kolaveri⁤ Di global. ‍It featured‌ Chinese students singing​ the song ​as part of⁤ their flash ⁣mob performance during a study tour ‌of India. This video⁢ has been viewed over⁤ 36 million times.

4. Official‌ India Everyday

This music video features 9 celebrities from ⁤different areas of the entertainment industry singing a song about the emerging economy in India.‌ This song reflects India’s stand on the ‌world⁢ stage and has ​over ⁢17 million views.

5. ⁤Airtel 4G TVC ⁤– Har Ek Friend‌ Zaroori Hota Hai

This commercial featuring‍ Ranveer Kapoor, emphasizes the ⁣importance of ⁣friends⁣ and relationships.⁢ With ⁤over 13 million views, ⁣it shows how technology has enabled the youth ⁤to stay connected to their friends no matter what.

6. AIB Knockout

This video featuring ‍the standup comedy group All India ⁣Bakchod (AIB) has become an ⁤internet sensation in India. It’s a debate-format standup event and has been viewed by⁣ over 11 ⁢million people.

7. Hyundai Santro – Halo‍ Re!

This advertisement video​ featuring Amitabh Bachchan and‌ the song ⁤“Halo Re” has become a hit with over 11 million⁤ views. ‌It’s an innovative ⁤concept ⁣of getting an accomplished person to endorse a product.

8.​ Nimbooda⁤ Nimbooda Dance

From the fever-happy days ⁤of the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, the song ”Nimbooda Nimbooda” has⁣ been seen by over 8 million viewers. The song has a catchy tune, choreography​ and Gulzar’s iconic lyrics.

9. Kolaveri explanation

This video by Shruti Hassan explains⁣ the‌ meaning behind the song “Why this Kolavery Di”. This video was released ⁣in the ‌spirit of the theme of the song and ‌has been seen ​by over 8 million people.

10. Chennai Express: Titli

The⁤ song “Titli” from⁤ the ⁢movie Chennai Express was a great hit and still continues to ‌be popular. ‍Composed⁣ by Vishal Sekhar, this video has over 8 million ⁤views.

2. A Showcase‍ of⁢ Culture, Music and Humor

India​ holds a vast selection of fascinating content on‍ YouTube, from popular songs and dance videos to captivating stand-up performances. ⁢From there, we’ve‌ compiled a list of the most popular⁢ Indian⁤ videos ‍found on⁣ YouTube.‍

  • Yaar ‌Naa Miley – a melodious ⁣song by Yo Yo Honey Singh, featuring Salman Khan. It’s a ‍remix of an iconic 80’s Bollywood song and ⁣was released in 2014.
  • Tere Mast Mast Do Nain – ​a‍ classic Indian romantic song starring Ranbir Kapoor ​& Deepika Padukone. Released in 2010, its video has‌ been‍ viewed over 90⁢ million times.
  • Shona Shona – another groovy music‌ video by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Garima and Siddharth shot this video in beautiful locations of Himachal Pradesh. Released in 2020, it’s gained‍ over⁤ 100​ million views.
  • Swag Se Swagat – a Bollywood song featuring Salman⁤ Khan and Katrina Kaif and⁢ released in 2017. It’s from the movie Tiger Zinda⁢ Hai⁤ and has garnered over 650 million views on YouTube.
  • Chalti Hai Kya 9 ‍Se 12 – another superhit video created ⁣by Dev Negi and Kadar Khan. This song is from the movie, Judwaa 2 and ⁤has been viewed⁤ over 190 million times.
  • Indian Reactions⁣ to American Music – a ⁣humorous video in which Indians ⁢react to⁢ American rap music. Released in 2020, it’s received ⁢over ⁤8 million views!
  • Why Cheat India ⁣- a song from the movie ​of‍ the ​same name starring Emraan Hashmi.​ Released in 2019, the video has been‍ watched ⁤more than 200 million times.
  • CarryMinati Roasts Amir ⁣Siddiqui – an iconic roast video by ​CarryMinati. ‍It has secured over 26 million views.
  • Most Iconic‌ Indian Dance Songs‍ Ever – a ⁤compilation ​of​ the most‍ iconic Bollywood⁤ dance‌ songs. From Laila Main Laila to Kaala Chashma, this video’s been viewed more than 41 million times!
  • 7​ Bollywood STARS ⁣CHANGING Their Voice ‌FOR⁢ Films! – an intriguing video that showcases the vocal talent‌ of some of India’s biggest stars. It’s been watched ‍more than 40 million times.

From melodious music ⁤videos to hilarious comedy skits, these ​are ‍the most popular Indian YouTube videos.

Nothing can be better than seeing India through popular YouTube videos from the most subscribed Indian YouTube ⁢channels.​ It not only provides us with a sneak⁣ peek into the rich culture and heritage of the country, but also projects⁣ an ⁢interesting picture of the transformation the country has undergone in recent years. Here are some of‍ the most talked about Indian YouTube ‍videos:

  • Bharat -‍ Bharat is⁢ an action-packed movie starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif which ​takes us on an incredible journey, exploring the glorious history of India
  • Gully Boy – ‌Gully ⁣Boy,⁤ featuring Ranveer Singh, ‌is ⁤based on India’s ⁤underground hip-hop scene. With powerful performances and an ⁤intense ⁤soundtrack, this film is a ​must-watch
  • Uri: The Surgical Strike – Uri:⁤ The Surgical Strike shows India’s strength and​ courage as ⁣the ​Indian Army battles ⁣for ⁤justice after⁣ a terrorist attack
  • Dangal – This heartwarming biopic stars⁢ Aamir ‍Khan ‌as an inspiring father who⁣ dreams‌ of training his daughters to become ⁣wrestlers
  • PK – PK, ⁤starring ‌Aamir Khan, ​is a funny, yet‍ thought-provoking ​movie about human values, beliefs, ⁣and relationships
  • Magadheera – Magadheera ​is an action-packed Tamil‌ movie full of emotion and adventure, showcasing India’s beautiful landscapes
  • Padmaavat – An epic story of ⁢love ⁤and sacrifice,‍ Padmaavat showcases the magnificent culture and greatness ⁤of the Mughal era
  • Raazi – Alia Bhatt stars in this gripping, real-life story⁤ based on a ​brave young woman who infiltrates Pakistan to serve her country
  • Sultan ⁣ – This light-hearted movie starring Salman Khan follows the journey‍ of an aging wrestler who ⁣is ‍determined to⁢ make a comeback
  • Dilwale – The blockbuster romantic comedy Dilwale highlights how love and family can overcome ‌all obstacles

These​ are ⁣some ‍of the most popular⁢ and highly-rated YouTube videos from India. Each of‍ these videos offers its own ​ unique insight into ‍Indian culture and values. From emotional journeys to adrenaline-filled adventures, these videos have a little something for everyone. So, what are‍ you ‌waiting for? Tune in and explore India‍ like never⁣ before!

4.⁢ A Look at the Diverse Range of Video Content

India has seen a huge explosion in the creation ‍of content on YouTube over the years. A quick astute survey of the ⁢many videos available reveals a fascinating‌ range​ of ‌video content.

  • Music videos are an​ important part of the selection available on Indian YouTube, with​ songs from Bollywood and beyond. From catchy classics like Kamariya from Stree to more recent hits like First Class from Kalank to melodious devotional songs ⁣like Tere Bina, it would be‌ a challenge to not⁢ find something for​ everyone.
  • The availability of web-series, instructional live⁢ streams and ⁣cooking‍ shows‌ has opened ⁢a door ‍to ⁤original video ⁤content and has been embraced‌ by YouTube gamers, DIYers,​ experts in⁣ many fields, chefs and⁢ many more. Take⁢ a look and learn something new or ⁤be entertained.
  • Vlogs, podcasts, and short films ‍are⁢ also represented ​- watch people living exciting​ lives‍ or get​ inspired⁢ by creative filmmakers. Check out some great storytelling⁤ such as Ajeeb Daastaans, The Making ⁣of Mahabharat,⁤ or Pari.
  • The great​ Indian influences on global YouTube pop⁢ culture cannot be⁣ overstated, whether it is styles of comedy, pranks, vlogs or traditional Indian art forms, there is⁣ something for ⁤everyone.

5. India’s Colorful YouTube Videos Take the Lead

India,⁤ with its extremely vibrant and diverse culture, has been producing some⁤ of the most inventive YouTube videos for a long ‌time. From heartwarming songs to dance-off⁢ episodes, India’s YouTube ‍videos have been making global waves and standing out from the rest. Here are some of its most ​popular videos that have taken the internet by storm:

  • Gully Boy ‌Trailer, released in mid-2019, introduced viewers ‌to India’s underground rap⁣ scene. The​ video featured the beloved Ranveer Singh and quickly went viral ‍after its release.
  • Tune Maari Entriyaan ⁤is a song from⁢ the 2014​ Salman Khan-starrer “Kick”. This ‌wildly popular song has ​been viewed over 350 million times and has become an enduring‍ favorite.
  • Dhoom Machale Dhoom, a song from the iconic “Dhoom 3″⁤ movie, is a high-energy track featuring leading​ star Aamir Khan. ⁤This song has had ⁣over 300⁤ million views since its release ⁣in ​2013.
  • Period. End of ⁤Sentence. This ‌Oscar-winning documentary follows the ‌story ⁣of women in⁢ India who work to produce and distribute sanitary pads.‍ Filmed⁢ in southern India, the video has been viewed over 25 million times.
  • Malhari, an exuberant and thrilling track,⁣ features Ranveer Singh ⁢in Bajirao Mastani. This⁢ dance video was an instant hit and has been playing‌ in every club ever since its release in 2015.

It’s no wonder that‍ India’s colorful‌ videos​ have captivated audiences all over the world. With catchy ⁤music, talented ⁢actors‍ and stories ‍that touch the ⁤hearts ⁣of its viewers, these⁣ videos have earned their spot among the top 10 most popular Indian YouTube videos.

6. Discover the Fun Side ⁤of ‍India‌ on YouTube

India ⁣has a vibrant‌ online community, and YouTube is one of the⁤ best ways to ⁣experience the country in all its glory. Here’s a look at some of the most ​popular‍ Indian​ YouTube⁤ videos that⁢ show the⁢ country’s diversity⁢ and fun-side.

1. India Got Talent – Featuring crazy ⁣physical stunts and some amazing vocal performances, ‌India ‍Got Talent ‍showcases‌ the hidden talents of many young Indians. ‌It’s a fun and entertaining way⁢ to get a ​glimpse of the⁤ nation’s vast culture.

2. The Viral Fever – This series of‌ sketch comedy videos has become a massive hit in India. Its hilarious take on various aspects of Indian life, delivered‌ with perfect‍ timing, makes this series‌ a must-watch.

3.‌ The All India Bakchod – This is another hit⁤ comedy ​series featuring Indian comedians’ ‍deep dive ⁣into Indian culture​ and its quirks. There are⁤ millions of⁣ views for ‍the hilarious ⁣sketches, and ‌you won’t ⁣want to miss them.

4. Satyameva Jayate⁢ – Hosted by famous actor Aamir Khan,‍ this show explores a⁤ variety of ‌social ⁢issues, ‍such as child marriages, income inequality, ​and female ⁢empowerment. It’s ⁣an enlightening series that’s ideal for ‌learning about India and its people.

5. AIB Knockout ‍Thug Life –This short ⁢video featuring Arjun Kapoor is an absolute hit among Indians. It’s a clever take on‍ today’s Indian youth and is funny‍ and entertaining to watch.

6. Red FM – This ⁢channel is a great way to ⁣get into Indian music. It features ‌a⁢ massive collection of Bollywood ‍songs, ⁤as well as ⁣some regional ones. You’ll⁤ find something to fit every mood!

7. The Kapil ​Sharma Show –⁤ This show‌ is all about comedy and laughter. With skits, games, ​and celebrity guests, the show is one of the most watched ‌in India⁣ today.

8. Amazing India – This is a great channel to learn about​ India’s rich cultural heritage. The videos ⁣highlight ​the history, the rituals, and the people of India and provide viewers with an interesting perspective into the nation’s vibrant culture.

9. History Of India –​ This educational channel helps to shed light on the nation’s history, allowing viewers⁣ to understand the country’s past⁤ and the⁣ path it has taken to become the juggernaut of the East that⁢ it is ​today.

10. Asian Paints – This ​channel features interesting decor ideas, painting tutorials, and home makeover shows. ‌It’s the perfect ‌channel for those looking to spruce up their space⁣ without spending too much.

7. From ⁤Music to Comedy, India On YouTube Has It ‍All

YouTube has revolutionized the way Indians consume content. From music videos to stand-up comedy, India on YouTube ‍has it all.​ Here’s a roundup of the top‌ 10‍ most‍ popular Indian YouTube videos that⁤ have taken the country by‌ storm.

  • ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ by Dhanush and Anirudh Ravichander
  • ‘Swag Se Swagat’ by Salman Khan and⁤ Katrina Kaif
  • ‘Ae​ Dil Hai Muskil’ by Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Aishwarya Rai
  • ‘Manwa Laage’ by Shreya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh
  • ‘Kolaveri’ by Diljit Dosanjh
  • ‘Ding Dang’ by Amit Trivedi and Mika Singh
  • ‘Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12’ by Dev Negi and Neha Kakkar
  • ‘Tum Hi Ho’ ⁢by Arijit ‌Singh
  • ‘Prem ​Ratan Dhan Payo’ by Sonu Niigaam
  • ‘Tay ⁢Hai’ by Rituraj Mohanty, ‌Ankit Tiwari and Divya Kumar

From Dhanush ​and Salman Khan to Ranbir Kapoor and ‍Amit Trivedi, these ⁣music videos have become smash hits among Indians. Whether it’s for the⁤ amazing cinematography, the stunning⁢ locations ‍or the talented singers, one thing’s for sure – these videos have made their mark in ‍the hearts of Indians!

Apart from music videos, India on YouTube​ also has lots‌ of popular‌ stand-up comedy and ‌funny clips. ​Whether​ you’re looking for a good laugh or simply looking for ‍something entertaining to watch, YouTube⁣ has​ it​ all. You ‌can find ⁣something new every day ​that will keep you entertained!

India has been⁢ making waves on YouTube for its ​amazing musical compositions, funny comedy videos, and‌ some​ of the best Television shows from across the world. India is the world’s largest ‌producer of television content and most ⁤of its popular celebrity singers have ​large fan bases​ on YouTube. As YouTube⁣ continues to ‍take over the online entertainment landscape, these ​popular videos⁢ have only ⁣become ‌more popular.‌ Here is a ranking of ‍the ‍top 10 most popular Indian videos on YouTube.

  • ‘Mere Rashke Qamar’ by Nusrat ​Fateh Ali Khan –​ This classic⁤ song featuring a duet‍ of singers has been viewed over 270 million times.
  • ‘Bala⁢ Bala Shcoka’ by ⁣PBS – This song has been making waves since its release and is⁤ one of the most popular Indian videos on YouTube. It has received over 180 million views.
  • ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ by ‍A. R. Rahman – An‌ incredibly catchy ⁢song that has been viewed over 170 million times.
  • ‘Lungi⁣ Dance’ by Shreya Ghoshal‌ and Yo‌ Yo Honey Singh – An upbeat⁢ song that is‌ most popular amongst teenagers. It has received over 170 ⁣million ‌views.
  • ‘Har Karam Apna Karenge’ by A. R. ⁢Rahman– This song from ‍the movie⁢ Katti Batti has been viewed over 165 million times.
  • ‘Tera Chehra’⁣ by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal ​ –‍ This romantic ⁢ballad has been viewed over 150 million‌ times.⁤
  • ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ by Kuch Kuch Locha Hai – ‍This catchy number has been viewed over 140 million times.
  • ‘Main⁤ Agar Kahoon’ by Sonu Nigam and Shreya ⁤Ghoshal – This popular track has been viewed over 130 million times.
  • ‘Gerua’ by Arijit Singh ⁤– This soulful track has received over 110 million views on YouTube.
  • ‘Raabta’ by Arijit⁤ Singh – This⁤ track ⁢has received⁤ over​ 100 million views on YouTube.

The‍ list of‌ the top ten most popular Indian videos on YouTube is⁤ sure to keep growing as Indian content continues to‌ be popular.

9. India⁢ Unveils⁤ Its Unique Video‌ Talent ⁣Through YouTube

India has always been the flagbearer of creativity and ‍innovation. There is ⁢much to be⁤ said about ‍its ​unique video talent and exquisite style‌ of storytelling which serves as a unique source of entertainment for ⁢the world. India has put itself on the map with its impressive YouTube videos and the top 10 ​most popular Indian⁤ YouTube videos are a ⁢testament to this.

1. Carryminati: Ajey Nagar or Carryminati rose to fame with his hilarious roasts, leaving an indelible ⁣mark⁢ as ‍one of India’s most popular YouTubers. He has recently​ achieved a milestone ⁤of hitting 25 million subscribers on YouTube. His knack for comedy has made him an overnight sensation.

2. The Viral Fever (TVF): Home to one of the most creative plays, offerings, and web series,⁢ The Viral Fever‍ is arguably the leading face of⁤ videos that keep the audience⁣ engaged and amused. It has been a​ pioneer of ⁢Indian web ‍series, most of which have received​ widespread acclaim.

3. BB Ki Vines: Bhuvan Bam or BB​ is an artist ⁢whose lively videos with a unique comic flair have made him ⁣India’s biggest ​YouTube star. He is known for his talk shows and lip-sync videos.

4. Ashish Chanchlani Vines: Ashish Chanchlani is⁣ a ‍well-known name for his funny ‌content. His videos often portray the day-to-day experiences of the millennial generation in​ India. He has ⁣also ⁢won the “Most⁢ Popular ​Channel of the Year” award from⁤ YouTube ‍India.

  • Harsh Beniwal
  • Sandeep Maheshwari
  • Amit Bhadana
  • Amit Badhana Musically
  • Elvish Yadav
  • Technical Guruji
  • Round2hell
  • Gaurav​ Chaudhary
  • Shruti ⁢Arjun Anand

The list of popular Indian YouTubers doesn’t end​ here. Popular YouTubers like⁤ Harsh‌ Beniwal, Sandeep⁤ Maheshwari, Amit‍ Bhadana, Amit Badhana Musically, and Elvish Yadav form‌ some of the other⁢ notable mentions. Technology enthusiasts would be familiar with Technical Guruji while ⁣creative‍ talent ⁤via‌ Round2hell is hard to ignore.⁤ Gaurav Chaudhary, Shruti ‍Arjun Anand are some of ⁤the other dynamic YouTubers who have‍ set the charts on fire with their incredible⁢ videos.

Each of these YouTubers has managed to carve their own niches and ⁤have ​developed an impressive following. YouTube India has boasted of 1 billion unique viewers every ‌month! With this feat, it is⁣ clear that YouTube India is set to become one of the leading content creators all over the world. The unique creative talent and​ powerful storytelling is ​what sets ⁣India apart.

YouTube has now ‍become a common source ⁢for‍ entertainment for ⁢people all over the world, especially‌ Indians.‍ More and more⁤ videos related to ‍India are being‍ posted on YouTube, helping budding artists‌ get more recognition for their work.

For⁢ starters, here is a list of the‍ top 10 most popular Indian YouTube videos:

  • Baarish ‌- Half Girlfriend
  • Swag Se Swagat ‍- Tiger ⁢Zinda Hai
  • Tareefan – Veere Di Wedding
  • Channa Mereya – Ae Dil Hai ​Mushkil
  • Nako ‍Nako⁢ Na Re – Baahubali 2
  • Naram naram – Baahubali 2
  • High Rated ‌Gabru – Punjabi Song
  • Kabhi Jo Baadal​ Barse – Jackpot
  • Tera Yaar Hoon⁤ Main – Sonu Ke Titu ⁣Ki Sweety
  • Shape Of You – English Song

It is important to ensure ⁣that India’s popular videos stay‍ alive on ⁤YouTube. Therefore, viewers⁢ must make sure to share these videos on their social media accounts to boost views and help these videos become ⁣even more popular.

Thus, ⁣these popular ‌Indian videos are not only​ enjoyed⁣ by Indian audiences but even‍ foreigners can experience Indian​ culture through these ⁣videos.


These ‌top 10 videos​ are just ‌a few examples ⁢of the ‌incredible ​content available on Indian YouTube channels.‌ Watching videos like these can be a great ‍way to stay ⁤entertained, learn something new, or just be inspired by the creativity of India’s digital content creators. ⁢The potential for ‌incredible⁣ online content from India is ​seemingly endless.

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