Top 10 Best Scooters in India 2023

We have compiled a list of the top 10 best scooters in India for 2023. From budget friendly models to high-end, performance packed options, the scooters on this list cater to a variety of budgets and needs. Whether riding around for leisure or commuting to work, there is a perfect scooter here for everyone!11 min

Top 10 Best Scooters in India 2023

2023 is sure to be an exciting year for‍ scooter riders in‌ India, as the best scooters⁣ will ⁤become the star⁢ of ​the roads. ‍Whether you’re​ looking for a ​fuel-efficient ride to work or a ‍powerful performance ⁤machine, India has ⁣a wide variety of ‌scooters to choose from. ‍In this article, we’ll be ⁢taking ‌a closer​ look at the top 10 best scooters⁢ India ⁣has to offer in ⁣2023, ⁣highlighting their ⁣features and ‍specifications along ⁣the ⁤way. So ​read on to find out what to expect from ⁢the best scooters⁢ of ‍2023!
1. An​ Introduction to the Top 10 ⁣Best Scooters in India 2023

1. An Introduction to the Top 10 Best⁢ Scooters ‍in​ India​ 2023

Are you looking for⁣ the best scooters in ‌India​ for‌ 2023? It can be a tough decision​ as⁤ there are so⁤ many options to choose from. We have taken the ambiguity away from you by curating ⁤and listing⁤ a curated⁣ list of ⁤the ⁤top 10 scooters you⁣ should consider⁢ for a purchase this year.

Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally: This scooter is extremely popular ⁤among ⁢the youth and ​is also built for​ long journeys. It⁤ has a‌ comfortable sporty seating with good suspension and ‍a⁢ peppy​ engine.‌ The scooter also comes with⁣ good‌ storage capacity, ‌making it a great choice for ​daily commuting.

TVS ‍Jupiter: The TVS⁣ Jupiter is among⁤ the best-selling scooters‌ in India, and it’s⁤ easy to see why.⁢ This scooter ‌boasts⁣ a⁢ refined​ engine with good fuel efficiency, and​ the telescopic ‌front suspension adds‍ to the ⁢overall comfort on‍ the ride. It has a USB charger as⁤ an additional‌ feature to ​keep your phone⁢ charged.

The​ other scooters to consider ‌for a purchase in 2023 are:

  • Honda Activa 6G
  • TVS Ntorq⁤ 125
  • Honda ‌Dio
  • Hero Maestro Edge
  • Hero Pleasure Plus
  • Honda Grazia
  • Yamaha ⁤Fascino
  • Hero Destini‍ 125
  • TVS ​NTORQ 125 Race Edition

So, those were the top 10 scooters with best features​ you should consider for‍ a purchase⁢ in India in 2023.​ You can find more details about each‌ scooter by⁤ looking up⁤ the individual models online.

2.‍ Discover‍ the Benefits of⁢ Riding a Scooter

2. Discover the Benefits‍ of Riding ⁢a ​Scooter

For ⁤those in ⁣the market for a reliable,⁣ affordable⁣ and ⁢efficient means of short-distance transport, ⁢scooters offer many advantages ⁢over cars ⁢or motorbikes. ⁤Here⁣ are⁢ some great ⁤reasons to consider⁢ getting​ a scooter:

  • High fuel economy – Scooters are designed to run ⁣on⁤ a small amount ⁢of ⁤gasoline,⁢ which means that they ⁤are‌ remarkably fuel-efficient. Most‍ models get‍ over 70km per liter ⁤of petrol,‍ making them an⁣ economical choice for commuters.
  • Low ⁤running costs – not ​only is petrol ⁢cheaper for scooters but they⁣ also ⁤require less servicing⁣ and upkeep than other forms​ of transport.‌ Models ⁣in the Top 10 Best Scooters in ⁣India⁤ 2023 ⁣list are especially⁢ low-maintenance due‍ to their cutting-edge technology.
  • Faster journey times – scooters are speedier​ in jam-packed city⁣ streets, allowing you to ⁣get to your destination quickly.

In addition⁣ to the practical advantages, scooters offer an enjoyable ‍riding experience thanks ⁣to their⁤ aerodynamic design and light-weight construction. There are also a wide ​range of‍ scooter models available, so there ​is sure to​ be ​something to suit your individual‌ requirements.

3. Honda ⁣Activa 6G: A Popular Choice

The Honda Activa‌ 6G‍ is one of ⁤the top​ 10 best scooters in India in 2023. This scooter is the perfect ‍blend‌ of⁤ style, ⁢comfort, ⁤and⁤ affordability. ⁣It ‍provides a smooth‍ and reliable ⁢ride with advanced features like an​ ultra-segmented⁤ cushioning mechanism, a silent ​start system,​ and‍ a vertical engine. Its sculpted body panel ⁤and aerodynamic‍ design make it look​ stylish and⁢ offer ​a ​sleek ride.


  • Full LED headlamp‍ with position⁤ lamps
  • A⁤ 20.7 ccengine with maximum power ⁢of⁢ 7.6bhp
  • 12-inch⁤ alloys‌ wheels for‌ enhanced ‍stability
  • Smartphone-pairing⁤ technology with voice commands
  • Brake Activated Rear‍ Restraint System (BARRS)

The Activa ​6G provides an⁢ efficient ‍performance,​ making it a preferred choice for long-distance​ rides.⁤ It also offers a fuel efficiency of approximately 60 km/l, making it an‌ excellent option for⁢ daily commuters. Its low ground clearance and lightweight design make it easy‌ to ride​ even on congested roads.

The Activa 6G is available in a variety of​ colors and is priced at approximately Rs. ⁣95,000, making it‌ an‌ economical option for those looking for an ⁤efficient​ and ‍economical scooter. Overall, this scooter is a perfect choice⁣ for those‍ looking for a reliable, stylish, and‌ affordable scooter with‌ advanced features.

4. TVS Jupiter‍ – ⁤An Economical Pick

4. TVS Jupiter‌ – ​An⁢ Economical⁣ Pick

When it comes to economical scooters⁢ in India, the‍ TVS ⁤Jupiter stands​ out as a great⁢ choice. It is ideal for⁢ those on a tight budget, or are looking for a good quality product at ​relatively low-price. It offers several features that⁣ make it ⁤a ​very‌ attractive ​option ⁤in ‍2023.

  • Style: The TVS Jupiter⁣ is ⁢designed in a classic way, with​ a sleek body ​frame and ⁣modern features that⁤ make it look stylish.‍ It also ‌comes with unique color ⁢combinations and graphics​ to offer a distinctive look.
  • Performance: The Jupiter is equipped with an​ efficient 109 cc engine,⁣ offering 8bhp power and 8.4 Nm torque that gives good performance for the price.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The scooter is remarkably ⁣fuel efficient​ and‍ can⁢ offer ​an impressive mileage of 62 kmpl.
  • Features: ⁢ It⁣ has‌ some ​good features like an LED tail⁢ light, a ⁢neatly ‌integrated headlamp, a ​mobile charging socket, and a side ⁣stand⁤ indicator.
  • Price: The ‌TVS Jupiter comes at an attractive ​price point of Rs. 61,692​ (Ex-showroom, Delhi).

The TVS Jupiter offers‍ a​ great balance ⁢between performance, style and affordability. It⁢ is a reliable option, and would make for⁣ an impressive scooter for⁣ city commutes.

5. Hero Pleasure Plus – ‍The Value for‌ Money

5. Hero ⁤Pleasure Plus – The Value for Money

Hero Pleasure Plus is ‌an‌ excellent option for those looking ⁢for a ‌scooter within a reasonable budget. It‍ is powered by the 97.2cc single-cylinder, ‍air-cooled engine, delivering 8.1 ⁢kW ‍of ⁢maximum power and ⁣8.7 Nm of peak torque. The scooter offers superior⁢ performance and reliable ​ride ​quality ‌with ⁢the ‌help of‍ telescopic front suspension and⁤ single-arm rear suspension.


  • 97.2cc engine
  • 8.1‍ kW of maximum power
  • 8.7 Nm ​of torque
  • Telescopic ⁣front suspension
  • Single-arm rear ⁤suspension
  • ‍ Drum brakes in‌ both front and rear
  • Combi brake‍ system for ‍improved braking

Equipped with a fuel tank capacity of 4.8-litres, ‌the⁢ Hero Pleasure ⁢Plus offers excellent fuel efficiency, making it‌ one of the most fuel-efficient scooters‌ on the market. ‌Moreover,⁣ its Built-in ⁢LED DRL on its front adds to the charm​ and looks of this scooter.

The ‍Hero Pleasure Plus has a comfortable seat ​along with⁣ an easy-to-operate ‌gear shift lever. It ⁣also⁤ features a ⁣well-cushioned backrest, making it⁢ an ideal option‌ for⁤ long rides. Other features include integrated anti-theft feature, mobile ​charging​ facility, ‍and‌ a good⁢ ground clearance.

Overall, the⁣ Hero ​Pleasure Plus is a‌ great value for money option,​ offering decent features and a powerful engine at an affordable ‍price.⁣ Therefore, it is one of the best scooters ‍available​ in⁢ the market.​

6.‍ The ⁣Omnipotent Suzuki Access 125

6. ​The ⁢Omnipotent Suzuki Access 125

The sixth entrant in our list ⁢of⁢ top ‍10 ⁢best scooters⁤ in India 2023 is . Engineered with the latest flagship‍ technologies,​ this⁤ powerful 125 ⁣cc scooter has become one of the ⁣leading choices for commuters⁤ in 2021. Here are​ some ​features that ‌make it outstanding:

  • State-of-the-Art‌ Performance – The Access 125 is equipped with tested, modern⁢ Suzuki‍ technology. The four-stroke, single-cylinder, fuel-injection engine delivers optical‌ performance, engine power,⁤ and great mileage.
  • Suave Design – The scooter has some ⁣sleek designs⁤ – its bold and stylish front panel ‍is⁣ attention-grabbing. The instrument ‌clusters add to​ the overall sleekness of its exterior design.
  • Ergonomic Comfort – The broad seating makes the ​scooter a‍ great companion on the⁤ move. It offers a‌ relaxed riding experience for two‍ people.
  • Best-in-class Safety⁣ Features -⁤ The Suzuki Access 125 ⁢features ‍improved‌ safety features ​including ⁤an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and ⁤a ⁢rear-wheel disc⁣ brake. These features ⁤ensure complete⁤ rider​ safety.
  • User-Friendly Features ⁢- It‌ comes with a convenient cabin​ light, ‌service ​reminder,⁣ and a mobile charging port ⁣to keep you connected while on the‌ go.
  • Competitive Price – The Suzuki Access 125 ⁢is‍ available at an⁤ surprisingly competitive price ⁤tag that makes ‌it one ⁣of ‌the most sought-after scooters in India.

The Suzuki ‍Access 125 is​ undoubtedly ‌one of the top names when‍ it comes to choosing ‍the ⁣best scooters in India. It is‍ reliable,​ durable, and is engineered to perfection​ for the discerning rider.
7.‍ All-rounder Yamaha Fascino

7. All-rounder ⁣Yamaha Fascino

The Yamaha Fascino is⁢ a perfect all-rounder that combines comfort and style.⁢ It ⁢offers⁢ a top speed of 82​ km/h and an impressive mileage ​of ⁤66 km/l.‍ Standing ⁣perpendicular to its ⁤competitors, the ⁢old-school scooter ‍is powered by​ a⁢ 113cc‌ air-cooled four-stroke motor. It is available in funky vibrant ⁢colors, adding a dose‍ of spunk to ⁢your scooter-riding experience.

The ⁢Yamaha Fascino is a great​ choice for comfort enthusiasts. Its wide, comfy seat coupled with the rubber footpads and floor grips enable a smooth ride. ‍It is equipped with ‌a ‌7-liter fuel tank and an ⁣in-built ​multi-function key⁢ slot. With⁢ features ​such as pass ⁣switch, remote ‍seat⁢ opening and integrated braking system added‍ to the mix, it’s‌ certainly a great option for Indian roads.

Lastly, ⁣besides ​boasting features such as⁣ a full LED lighting ⁢system and ‌fully-digital ⁤display, the Fascino boasts ⁣all these safety ​features‍ and a sleek exterior, making it one of the best‌ scooters ‍in India 2023. Highlights of the ‍Yamaha Fascino include:

  • Top ⁢Speed: 82 km/h
  • Mileage: 66​ km/l
  • Engine: 113cc air-cooled ‌four-stroke ⁣motor
  • Seat: Wide, comfortable​ seat
  • Safety Features: Pass switch, remote seat opening & integrated⁣ braking system
  • Style: ​Funky vibrant‌ colors, full LED​ lighting system & ‌sleek exterior

8. ‌Celebrate Sporty​ with the Vespa LX 125

8. Celebrate⁢ Sporty with the Vespa LX ⁣125

The⁢ Vespa LX 125 is a popular premium scooter in‌ India and is the ​perfect way to turn your everyday travels ⁣into ​a⁤ celebrated ​event! This scooter⁢ is ideal ⁣for those who⁢ enjoy fun-filled‌ rides with great torque ‍and‍ speed. It’s powered by a 125 cc, single-cylinder four-stroke engine and ‍is ⁢known for ​its smooth acceleration and stability of ride.

The Vespa ‍LX‌ 125 stands out in a few aspects when compared ​to ‌other scooters in the list. ⁤It⁤ offers superior ridership experience⁣ with​ enhanced fuel efficiency and superior engine efficiency. It⁢ gives the rider a great experience, thanks⁢ to⁢ it’s anti-vibration system.‌

This ​scooter is‍ loaded with features like‍ under-seat storage, ⁤LED headlights, a highly visible ⁤digital⁤ instrument panel, dual-channel‌ ABS and a host ⁣of advanced⁣ safety ⁤features. Furthermore, this scooter ‌comes⁣ with ​a choice of variations like a⁣ Quartet, Sib, GTS⁢ and so ⁢on.

The Vespa⁢ LX ​125 is also environment friendly and complies with Euro​ 4 emission standards. This scooter also ⁤comes with a ⁢warranty of ⁤2⁣ years or 12,000​ km (whichever is ​applicable first).

  • Pros:
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Enhanced ‍fuel efficiency
  • Anti-vibration ​system
  • Under-seat⁤ storage
  • LED headlights
  • Dual-channel⁢ ABS
  • Euro 4 emission standards compliance
  • 2 year or 12,000 km warranty
  • Cons:
  • Pricey

Overall, the ⁣Vespa LX ⁢125 comes with⁤ a whole ⁢lot ⁤of features ‍and a great⁣ ride feel, ​making ​it a ‍great choice for ⁤those looking for an enjoyable⁤ and comfortable ride. ​This⁢ scooter comes as an ⁣ideal​ pick ​for⁣ those who seek a‌ premium riding experience.
9.⁣ Ride⁤ with ⁣Pride on the Aviator

9.‌ Ride with⁢ Pride on ​the Aviator

The ‌Aviator is one of the most stylish scooters from ‌the Honda lineup. It ⁣offers ⁣stylish ⁢looks, powerful 125cc⁤ engine,​ and​ an ‍unbelievable ride experience. You get to enjoy modern‍ features ‍like auto headlamp on (AHO), telescopic front suspension, and mobile charging port. With the Aviator, you can make⁤ a statement with ‌its bold designs⁢ and smooth riding experience.

Here are some‌ of ⁣its standout‍ features:

  • 125cc ⁤engine‌ with⁢ superior torque
  • Smooth and‍ comfortable ride
  • Auto headlamp on (AHO) for improved safety
  • Large storage⁢ under the seat

The Aviator is ⁤also⁣ extremely affordable, making it one of ⁣the best ‍scooters in India ⁣for riders on ⁣a budget. ⁢With ​its great⁢ performance, user-friendly features, and good fuel‍ efficiency, the Aviator ⁣should ⁢be on your shortlist‌ of scooters. You won’t go wrong with ⁤this one!

10. The⁤ Posh Feel ⁣of the ⁤Aprilia​ SR 125

10.⁣ The Posh ⁣Feel‌ of the Aprilia SR 125

The Aprilia SR 125 takes scooting to ⁣a new level of sophistication with its​ peppy‍ 124cc​ engine and sporty ⁢Italian⁣ styling. It ⁤offers‌ superior performance and‌ accelerates ⁣from 0-60kmph in ​just 11.4 seconds. ⁢Its sharp cornering and‌ confident upright seating position​ give‍ it ⁤an aerodynamic edge ​while weaving⁣ through ⁢traffic. Additionally, the Aprilia ⁣SR 125⁤ offers⁢ a ​unique⁢ riding feel with its 3-valve engine that produces 11.50bhp‍ of power⁢ and 11Nm of⁢ torque.

Not ⁣only does⁤ the Aprilia SR 125 boast its​ posh feel, ​it offers plenty of other redeeming qualities. Its⁢ advanced‌ lightweight frame and suspension makes for a smooth⁣ and comfortable ride. Not to mention ⁢its ​LED headlamp, rearview mirrors, and⁢ stylish⁤ fairings‌ that add to⁣ its class. Every SR 125 ⁣has an integrated immobilizer for ⁣added security and a large digital console to keep⁤ the ‍rider aware. All these features combined makes the Aprilia SR‍ 125 one ⁤of⁢ the top⁢ 10 best ⁤scooters in India 2023.

  • 124cc engine
  • 0-60kmph in 11.4‌ seconds
  • 11.50bhp ‍of power ‍and‌ 11Nm⁤ of torque
  • Lightweight frame and ​suspension for a ‍smooth and comfortable ride
  • LED headlamp, rearview ‍mirrors,‍ and ‌stylish fairings
  • Integrated immobilizer for added ⁣security
  • Digital console to keep ‌the rider aware

11. Maestro Edge 125 – Style and ⁣Fun Together

11. Maestro Edge 125 – Style and Fun ‍Together

The Maestro Edge ‍125‌ is an ideal blend ‌of ‍style and ​substance that is sure to keep you hooked.⁢ Considered one⁤ of​ India’s best-selling scooters, it offers a ⁣muscular design which adds to its‌ eye-catching quotient.⁣ Most notable of its design features ⁤are‍ its ⁢sharp integrated rear-view mirrors, side body panels, ⁤a foldable⁢ grab rail, and⁤ an all-LED headlamp.

The ⁢Maestro Edge 125 offers ⁢excellent performance and an array‌ of features making it excellently‌ suited for Indian roads. ​It is​ powered by a ⁣125cc air-cooled engine which is ‌capable of producing max ​power of 9.6 ⁣PS at 7000 rpm. It ‌comes equipped with Combi Brake ⁣System ‌(CBS) and⁣ i3S technology, which⁤ helps in⁤ better fuel⁢ efficiency. ​It gives a decent mileage of ​50 kmpl.

The Maestro Edge 125 is an ⁤excellently capable all-rounder which will never let​ you down. Its features make it stand​ out ⁣among‍ its peers:

  • Stellar Performance: ‍Powered by a⁣ 125cc air-cooled engine, ‌it can deliver a​ maximum power output of 9.6PS.
  • Combi Brake System ‍and i3S ​technology: Offers efficient ‍braking⁢ and helps ‍in better fuel efficiency.
  • Modern Design: Designed ​to ‍grab attention with an ⁣integrated rear-view mirrors, ⁣side ⁣body panels and‌ an all-LED⁣ headlamp.
  • Mileage: ⁢Delivers a decent⁤ mileage of 50 kmpl.

All in all,⁣ the Maestro Edge 125 is an excellent ‍scooter, which⁣ can surely⁣ be one of the top picks if ⁣you are⁢ considering buying one of the best scooters in India in 2023.

12. An Overall Look at the Best Scooters ‍in India 2023

12. An Overall Look at the Best⁣ Scooters ‌in ​India⁢ 2023

This year, ⁤the ⁣scooter segment has seen exciting launches from brands such as TVS, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki. 2023‌ is set to ‌be an exciting ‌year for scooter buyers as manufacturers offer the most technologically-advanced, stylish, and reliable ‌models. ‌Here’s‌ an‌ overall look at the finest scooters ⁣available in India⁤ this year.

  • Honda Activa 6G – The 6G is the latest launch from Honda two-wheeler this year. ⁣It features a digital display meter and a fuel​ tank ‌capacity of 5.3 ⁤liters, which is the highest fuel tank capacity‍ in​ the scooter segment. ‌It is powered by an efficient 109.51cc engine.
  • TVS Jupiter ‍ – TVS has revamped ‍its⁤ flagship⁣ scooter, the Jupiter ​with a new ⁤design and⁤ features. It has a BS6 compliant 110cc engine and an ‍Eco-thrust ⁣system ⁣for optimal fuel efficiency. It‍ also has a built-in⁣ LED lamp, telescopic suspension, and mobile⁣ charging port.
  • Yamaha Fascino ⁢125 Fi – The new Fascino ⁤125 Fi is one ⁣of ​the most stylish⁢ scooters ‍in the market today.‍ It has an all-new all-digital instrument cluster and ⁣comes​ with features​ such as ‍traction control and a dual-mode drive system. It ⁢is powered ⁢by a⁤ 125cc engine⁤ and promises ‍a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Suzuki⁢ Access 125 – This scooter features a​ powerful engine and superior performance. It has⁤ an all-new design and is one of the⁢ few models⁢ to have a drum front brake. It also ⁢has a comfortable ⁢seat,LED ‌taillight, ‍and ⁤a ⁣12-inch alloy wheel.
  • Hero Maestro Edge – This Hero offering ​is⁤ a great choice⁤ for‌ those looking for a stylish yet sturdily-built ⁤scooter. It is⁢ powered by a ‌BS6 compliant engine and is ⁤equipped⁣ with features such as Hero’s i3s‍ technology, ⁣tubeless tyres,​ and external fuel filler.
  • Hero Destini 125 – The Destini 125 is designed to provide a comfortable‍ ride. It is powered by ⁣a ⁢125cc engine and‍ is packed‍ with features such ⁣as integrated brakes,‌ Hero’s ‍integrated‌ braking ​system, and double spring suspension.
  • Yamaha Ray Z ⁤ – The Ray Z ​is Yamaha’s⁤ top-of-the-line model and is perfect for those looking for‍ a featureloaded scooter. It has a 7.2-liter fuel⁤ tank capacity and ‍is powered ⁢by a‌ 113cc engine. It also features a retractable under seat storage compartment.

These are some of the best ⁣scooters available ​in the market ​this year. We have covered a variety‍ of models to cater to different budget⁤ and preference. ⁤If you’re ‌looking to buy a​ scooter, ⁤this list should come in ⁣handy.


Q1: What​ are the⁤ top⁣ 10⁣ best scooters in India for 2023?

A1: The ⁤top 10 best scooters in⁢ India for​ 2023 are⁢ Hero Destini 125, ‌TVS NTorq 125, ⁣Honda Activa 6G, Honda Grazia, Yamaha Fascino 125, TVS Jupiter, Honda Dio, Hero ⁤Pleasure Plus ‍110, Suzuki Access 125 and TVS Zest ‍110.

Q2: ‌What ‍are ⁢the key features ⁣ of ⁣the Hero‍ Destini 125?

A2: The Hero Destini 125 features ⁤a ⁤powerful 125cc engine, Smart Control Start System, ‍Telescopic⁣ Front ‌Suspension, a ⁣digital-analog⁣ combo meter ⁣and an ​external fuel filling system. ‌It also comes with an impressive​ fuel economy⁢ of ⁣10 Kw/h and is⁢ compliant⁣ with⁢ the 2021 Euro 5 emission norms.

Q3: What are ‌the safety features in the‍ Honda Activa 6G?

A3: The​ Honda Activa 6G is equipped⁣ with ​safety features such as⁣ Combi ‍Brake System⁢ (CBS), Mobile⁢ Charging Socket, Service ⁤Reminder, Anti-Theft Security Alarm, optional tubeless tyres, an External​ Fuel Filler‍ Cap, and a front CBS with Equalizer technology‍ that⁤ ensures superior braking ‍performance.


Whether​ it’s for commuting on the city‍ streets or getting away for the ⁤weekend, ‌scooters‍ in India have come a ⁤long⁢ way. With⁤ the​ new technologies and features we’ve highlighted, you⁢ now have a variety of options that will make your ride more⁢ enjoyable and reliable. We’ve⁢ tried to narrow down the list to give you​ the ⁣best of ​the best in ⁣the scooter⁤ market. So, let the ride ‍begin! ‍

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